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The British man reprimanding Yuno for not coming to him immediately. Yuno is quick to reassure his friend that he is working up a deal with Mike, telling him about his plan to teach the Block Gang how to rob banks in exchange for the stolen goods. Having to meet back with Ray he waves Randy goodbye. As he is driving back to the oxy-spot he receives a call from Mr. Lang, who tells him they were able to get away without any losses despite having shot over ten cops, Yuno agrees to meet with him at the casino as soon as he finishes the oxy-run. Arriving at the spot he meets back with Garret, Natalie, and Ray, the trio getting back to work, unfortunately as they are handling one of their boxes they spot a police cruiser driving by their alley.

But if your “P” is on a TL and “K” on a TW, then you can win 57 points. There is also another way you can play WWF offline. The makers of the game have released board versions of WWF.

  • Sadly the amount they need ($250K) is beyond Yuno’s means, the hacker telling Dundee he has half that amount in dirty money, which he was planning on using to buy a house to stash his illegal goods in.
  • More in fact than on Ezra, perhaps due to the fact that in her younger days, the woman was well known to the Fraud & Bunco squads of most southern law enforcement agencies.
  • He didn’t recognize the piece but it was his favorite for reasons he hadn’t been able to fathom.
  • Ever since, their encounters would grow in frequency and Yuno would slowly learn how good of a driver Baas was, and how fair and mindful he’d always be as long as the criminals didn’t become particularly aggressive.

Jifus, having attached the respirator that was now kept in the room, joined him with significant trepidation. For several minutes they sat in silence, filled only by the steadying breaths of his wife and the hiss of the medical equipment. He took the opportunity to rub at the side of his head, wondering at the feel of leather against his overly sensitive skin. The attempt at intimidation wouldn’t have swayed her a year out of medical school, and it certainly didn’t impress the tired, under-caffeinated veteran who had stared down beings with her very life in their hands without cracking. She’d met confederate sergeants who were more frightening.

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With new clothes and their loot stashed away they decide to go and investigate the scene at the airport, their escape soured by the police shooting down their para-gliders. Given that they legally rented the vehicles and were not captured or identified during the heist, Mr K plays with the idea of suing the police department for the damages. As they are getting pictures of the scene and the multiple bullet casings, they are confronted by more officers, who first try and deny the police’s involvement in the destruction of the para-gliders, to then justifying it as probable-cause. While Mr K and Randy do this legal back and forth with the officers, Ramee pulls Yuno away to discuss some business. Knowing Yuno’s money situation Ramee hires him as a gem appraiser at his gallery (Vultur LГ© CulturГ©), and after swearing him to secrecy he reveals he might have a way to obtain higher rewards out of the bank money bags.

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Following new police regulations, he tried to subtly warn the hacker about the fact that some officers are willing to identify suspects based on their voice. Not too long after, their unlikely friendship was tested after Yuno accidentally incriminated himself with an untimely text that made Garry Berry think he might be one of the Paleto bank robbers that shot him and Ranger Conan down . Explaining the misunderstanding, Yuno was Words with Friends Cheat relieved to learn that Garry Berry still believed Yuno is a good guy, with Garry thinking that he and Ranger Conan could save him once they finally apprehend him for his multiple crimes.

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Reuniting the following night at Dean World, Yuno was busy making himself some burgers when Moses approached him and thanked him for organizing the event, explaining that he and everyone he’d talked to had mentioned having a lot of fun. Days later, during Yuno’s birthday, Rudolf gifted him a few sweet pastries and drinks, then let the hacker borrow his car for a Block special. Later that day, when Shelly Smith tried to badmouth Yuno for accidentally hitting Cassie Cupcake with a sledgehammer, Rudolf tried his best to calm their boss and keep her from calling Yuno a terrible person. However, he made sure to add Yuno to the “naughty list” so Santa wouldn’t get him presents.

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